Facial PRP

Facial Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet rich plasma (PRP)Are you on the search for the best facial PRP near you? We’re here to help you take advantage of the latest trend in anti-aging skin treatments. Skintology Health and Wellness is thrilled to offer facial PRP as part of our most advanced aesthetic medicine, regenerative medicine and hormonal health treatments.

What Is PRP?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a facial treatment that uses a patient’s blood to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a younger-looking appearance.

PRP, or popularly known as the vampire facial, isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. The method involves a high concentration of nutrient-rich cells in the blood plasma that supports collagen production and repairs damaged tissues. Since PRP is the patient’s blood, there’s virtually no risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

How Does A Facial PRP Work?

Plasma makes up roughly 55% of the body’s total blood volume. It also carries cells and proteins throughout the body, one of which is platelets.

The platelets are like microscopic first responders at the scene of an accident. If a blood vessel gets damaged, an emergency signal is sent to rush platelets to the site of damage, where they’ll form clots to stop bleeding.

The clotting triggers the reaction of the body’s healing processes to get to work, stimulating the growth of new cells.

Let’s take this understanding of how platelets work into the facial PRP process itself.

Micro-needling creates fine punctures about 2 mm deep into the skin, which the platelets react to as an injury.

The body’s incredible rejuvenation process gets to work quickly by increasing the production of collagen and new skin cells, helping to diminish the appearance of scars and plump up the skin for a more youthful look.

How Is A Facial PRP Performed?

Despite involving blood, a facial PRP isn’t as scary as it sounds.

If you’re familiar with in-clinic facials, this process is a combination of micro-needling — followed by applying the patient’s plasma to the face to promote skin cells’ health.

Step 1: Venipuncture To Draw Blood

Venipuncture is a routine medical procedure where blood is drawn from an accessible vein inside the arm or hand. Aside from the needle pinch, it’s a quick and painless step.

Step 2: Run The Blood Through A Centrifuge

The blood vial collected is then run through a piece of lab equipment that spins the vessel at high speed to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood fluid.

Step 3: Dermaroller Micro-needling

Your skin is then cleansed and ready for micro-needling.

Micro-needling is a minimally invasive treatment involving fine needles that prick the skin about 2 mm deep to stimulate elastin and collagen production. In addition, the needle pricks help the skin absorb the platelet-rich plasma.

This step in itself is proven effective for addressing signs of aging, uneven skin tone and acne scarring.

Step 4: Appling The Platelet-Rich Plasma

We then apply your plasma to the skin and your cells do all the work from here.

Since platelets are cells that are called to injured sites in the body to control bleeding via clotting, the platelets are activated by the micro punctures on the skin, stimulating the healing process.

The skin responds by plumping and thickening, which eliminates fine lines and reduces wrinkles. Immediately after the session, your skin will feel tighter. And as the texture and colour of the skin adjust after the slight irritation of micro-needling, you’ll notice that your skin will look more radiant and feel softer, too.

These benefits to the look and feel of your skin become more apparent in the weeks to come.

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How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The blood draw only takes just a couple of minutes, followed immediately by a 10-minute centrifugation. The time involved in the application is typically 30 minutes, from start to finish.

Post Facial PRP Care

The micro-needling may leave your skin feeling sensitive (feeling like a sunburn) and you may need to take a day or two of downtime before your skin tone evens out.

We strongly discourage wearing makeup during your PRP recovery, as it may clog your sensitive pores and inflame the skin. All you need is a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from any UV damage — and you’ll be well on your way to more youthful-looking skin

Is PRP Painful?

The most discomfort felt is the quick pin-prick of drawing the blood and the micro-needling process, depending on how well your skin tolerates it.

Micro-needling can feel like a severe sunburn with redness and inflammation, but this will quickly subside (24–48 hours).

Is PRP Right For Me?

Facial PRP treatments are great for anyone looking to address premature aging, sun damage or wanting to reinvigorate the look and feel of their skin.

Given that it’s minimally invasive and uses your blood cells, there’s an extremely low risk of infection.

The most notable side effects may include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Sun sensitivity
  • Bruising from the venipuncture needle sight

However, the redness and swelling should subside after 24–48 hours.

That being said, facial PRP treatments aren’t for everyone.

You may be at higher risk of complications if you:

  • Have a history of blood diseases (bleeding disorders, blood clotting)
  • Are on acne medications
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Are afraid of needles
  • Scar easily
  • Have undergone skin radiation in the past year

However, the redness and swelling should subside after 24–48 hours.

That being said, facial PRP treatments aren’t for everyone.

How Many Sessions Of PRP Is Required?

Many patients see benefits from a single session of facial PRP — but for optimal results, we recommend a package of three treatments.

During your complimentary consultation, we can discuss your skin health and your aesthetic goals to formulate the treatment program to best suit your needs.

Looking For One of the Best PRP Facials Near You?

Skintology is proud to offer extensive skin health procedures to the Newmarket, Ontario area.

Facial PRPs have become a highly sought-after non-invasive treatment for addressing signs of aging with dramatic results.

At Skintology, we believe in a holistic approach to your skin-health concerns — which is why we offer a broad scope of modalities at the hands of health experts to help you look and feel radiant.

Take advantage of our free consultation, where we get to know you and your wellness concerns. That way, we can provide professional advice on the best treatment plans to reach your goals.

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