I came to Dr. Parmar based on a recommendation from a friend. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by how informative and patient she was with me. She talked me through all my options and never made me feel pressured to commit to treatment. She spent a lot of time educating me about my options and I decided I wasn’t quite ready. 6 months later when I was ready, I didn’t hesitate to call Dr. Parmar. I had treatment to my face with Botox and Fillers and I feel fabulous. Thanks Dr. Parmar you are a gem!”
Suzanne, June 2018
“Great experience with Dr Parmar!  She was really professional and put me at ease as soon as I walked in.  Am really happy with the results of my chemical peel – my skin is super smooth now and the scar on my chin is a lot less noticeable.  Feel much more confident going out without make up on.  Would strongly recommend.”
Taryn, January 2017
“Dr. Amit is kind, knowledgeable and has lots of experience. I was really suffering with symptoms from the menopause and he really helped me with a prescription that was tailor made for my hormone issues. It has transformed my life!”
Karen, May 2015
Going through menopause has been one of the most difficult things I have ever had to go through. Dr. Upadhyay is a very kind and knowledgeable doctor. He has helped put my hormones in balance and has made my hot flashes and night sweats disappear.
Debra, April 2016
I am so happy I came to see Dr. Parmar. She removed all my skin tags in one simple treatment. I don’t have to be embarrassed about them anymore!
Paul, December 2018
I was always so tired. I was calling into work sick because I was unable to get out of bed. Being only 26 and having these issues I knew I needed help. Seeing Dr. Upadhyay has changed my life. With supplements and a course of IV therapy, I am happy to say I have not had a sick day since. I am even back at the gym! Thank you so much Dr. Upadhyay.
Brianna, January 2019
Aging hasn’t been easy for me. I was so used to seeing myself with a perfect complexion. As I got into my early 30’s, I noticed fine lines starting to form and sun spots. Seeing Dr. Parmar has been great! She recommended Botox and laser therapy and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I look and feel young again! Thank you!
Mira, March 2018
I suffer from chronic migraines. I have been to massage therapist and have tried medication, however nothing has worked. I came to see Dr. Parmar to see if I was a candidate for Botox for chronic migraines. It has been two weeks since my first treatment and I have not had a headache since my visit.

I feel like I have my life back. I have my next treatment session booked in 10 weeks and am looking forward to it.

Julia, Feb 2019
I have never had a facial before, so I did not know what to expect. My husband bought it for me as a gift. The whole treatment was amazing, the staff is so friendly and professional. Dr. Parmar gave me a skin analysis and reviewed my skins condition with me. The treatment was relaxing, and I felt so fresh faced afterwards. After the facial we discussed ways to help my skin, including using good clean products. I even bought a cleanser and mask from them– so I can continue at home! Looking forward to my next one.
Lina, Feb 2019