Women’s Sexual Health

Women’s Sexual Health

G spot amplification

A Vaginal orgasm seems to be much more difficult and reachable in comparison with a clitoral one. The term “G-Spot” is named after the German medical practitioner Dr Gräfenberg, a well-respected German doctor who described the concept of G-Spot as it is known nowadays. From a scientific point of view, G-Spot refers to the point which is anatomically placed on the front inner wall of the female vagina, within 4-5 cm from its entry point, and is matched with the lower inner wall of pubic symphysis. It is an area of increased sensation which when stimulated can cause orgasm.

The G Spot amplification makes a vaginal orgasm more achievable. G-Spot amplification is a simple and painless procedure in which hyaluronic acid filler is infused into the G-spot. The procedure itself takes about 1 minute, however the procedure is a total of around 15 minutes as a portion of the total procedure includes measurements being taken using a special vaginal expander in order to locate the G-spot (which can be slightly different in terms of positioning among the female population).

The impressive results of G-Spot enhancement may be sustained for up to 6-8 months following the procedure.


O-Shot®The clitoris is an extremely sensitive organ which contains more than 8000 nerve endings, however under certain circumstances this organ might not be as sensitive as it used to be, effecting the ability to orgasm in women.

The Oshot works by Injecting Platelet Rich Plasma “PRP” into the clitoris and vagina. This increases the sensitivity of the clitoris causing a lower threshold to orgasm. Dr. Parmar is an O-Shot certified practitioner.

*video available online www.oshot.info

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